Instruction RCA ver 1.0
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Here is the modified version 1.0

For those who knew the version 1.0 of our magnetic connectors, you know that there was a problem with the wire, in the cold, it became stiff, so instead of bending the wire when we moved, it is the magnet that disconnected. Everyone thought it was the magnet that was not strong enough, but when we released version 2.0 with the same magnet but a softer wire, the problem was resolved.


So, we now offer the modified version 1.0. We have added a cylinder over the magnetic contacts, which prevents the magnets from disconnecting, which does not prevent the operation for what the connector was designed for.




Take a look at the photos and watch the videos to get an idea.

You can install the cylinder from the male or the female, depending on the position you use it, so that snow does not enter the cylinder.