Instruction RCA ver 3.0
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Recommended installation method

To provide optimum performance, your magnetic connector must be installed as described below.
Although there are many ways to use it, here is the only effective recommended method that allows both to play its role as a point of disconnection and protection against short circuits
We do not recommend plugging your magnetic connector directly into your helmet. Use a wire about 15 inches (40cm) between your helmet and your magnetic connector. For the BRP Oxygen helmet install our connector at the output of your helmet controller.

Short-circuit protection
The male part of your magnetic connector should always point in the direction of the power source (the power source being your snowmobile or Quad). This method will protect your installation from any short-circuit that may occur if the magnetic part meets your machine's chassis.

Point of disconnection
The connector is designed for maximum efficiency when installed straight. So if you install it directly on the machine we recommend using a 6-inch (15cm) 90-degree connection, in which the magnetic connector will be plugged in. The way we recommend it the most.

Wrapping your connections
To ensure that your magnetic connector will play its role We recommend that you wrap (electric tap) all your connections (other than the. magnetic part) to be sure that the disconnection will be done with the magnetic connectors.